Active Chance provides grants to those working to build better futures for the people of Curacao.

We fund better futures.

We understand that it takes hard work and sacrifice to build a better future, and we respect the people of the island that are committed to this cause. We want to help by funding projects dedicated to:

  • Improving quality of life
  • Helping people reach their full potential
  • Building better communities

We are accessible.

We provide support through micro, small and medium sized grants that are awarded quarterly. In an effort to make our grants accessible we scale eligibility requirements based on the amount of money being granted so that grassroots groups or individuals who may not be formally organized can apply alongside bigger, more formally organized groups.

We focus on proven but underfunded projects.

We are focused on the people and projects that are already doing good work and making a positive difference in their communities but that traditionally don’t receive funding from other sources. We want to make it possible for these people to continue to do their work.

We encourage independent and sustainable financing.

We’ll fund up to 50% of the total cost of a project (based on specific maximums) and expect grantees to fund the remainder through other sources (self-funding, business revenues, other grants, etc.). While we do say above that we focus on traditionally underfunded projects our hope is that the good work we help to fund will continue into the future, which is why we look for projects that are working towards financial sustainability.

We reward financial and resource efficiency.

 We are sensitive to the reality that we, as a grassroots foundation in Curacao, are operating in an environment defined by extremely scarce resources. For this reason, we reward projects that find ways to reduce their costs (through in-kind partnerships, for example) and use existing internal and external resources efficiently in order to minimize the funds required while still achieving overall project goals.

We value innovation and collaboration.

We believe innovation and collaboration are important and positive contributors to successful projects. We support projects in which people are demonstrably working together and trying new ways of doing things.

We look for multiplier effects. 

We think it’s great when a project can increase its impact by taking its message to new audiences or considering how its approach can work in different applications. We look for projects that are thinking about smart and relevant ways to multiply their positive effect with little to no additional investment.

We consider time sensitivity.  

We can receive a large number of applications in certain funding rounds, so another way we evaluate projects is based on time sensitivity, such that if a given project is more urgent than another it will receive priority.

We trust.

We trust that the people who apply for grants with us are doing so honestly and fairly. And we trust that the people we select for grants will then use the money as stated and do what they do best. We will not become involved in actively managing or measuring projects; our only ask is that grantees share results through stories, data, photos, etc. We want to see, hear and celebrate the positive impact their projects are having and reflect back to the people of Curacao (via our website) the good work that is happening in our communities.

We learn.

We know that we won’t get it right all of the time. We know that there will be grants that we award or projects that we fund that will miss the mark. But we are committed to our work and will review our performance as a foundation at the end of each funding cycle in order to adjust our model and continuously improve towards meaningfully and effectively awarding grants.

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